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Faculty of Social and Political Science

Faculty of Social and Political Science assumes its social and educational role through the training of professionals with social commitment and academic excellence that contribute to the understanding and solution of the different social problems of the local, national and Latin American reality.
As part of the University it works on the fundamental pillars to tackle the socio-educational demands of the local, national and international contexts.

Academic Offerings

Undergraduate Courses

Technical Degree Courses, Teacher Training Programs and Undergraduate Courses

  • Political Science and Public Administration
  • Teacher Training
  • Social Communication Teacher Training
  • Sociology Teacher Training
  • Social Work Teacher Training
  • Technician Training in Administration and Management of Organizations
  • Public Management and Policy Technician Training
  • University Technician in Production of Audiovisual Media (Co-Management with Faculty of Arts and Design)
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Public Administration
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Social Communication
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Media Production
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work

Posgraduate Courses

PhD Programmes

  • Ph.D. in Social Sciences

Master´s Degree

  • Master’s Degree in Politics and Social Planning
  • Master’s Degree in Latin American Studies
  • Master’s Degree in Institutional Analysis


  • Specialization in Social Management
  • Specialization in Institutional Analysis in Social Practices
active students
Bachelor´s degree
Technician training
Teacher training

Coordination of the Teacher Training Program

The Teacher Training Program of UNCUYO’s School of Social and Political Science is a free university degree course for graduates in Communication, Sociology, Political Science, and Social Work.


  • 1950

    First courses about political education approved by Ord. No.37/50

  • 1952

    Creation of the School of Social and Political Studies under the Office of the President.

  • 1958

    Organizational changes: the School becomes a School of Higher Education in Social and Political Science.

  • 1967

    The School of Higher Education changed its name to Faculty of Social and Political Science.